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Chord diagram for E
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So, after tirelessly searching the internet,
I've found that no one has tabbed this song.
After trying to figure it out, I see why:
It has many intricate and elusive guitar parts.
After sitting down with the guitar and playing it over,
I've found the chord progression as well as the guitar intro:
The intro starts with this guitar riff:
|----9-----7--------9-----7---------| |------9-------9------9-------9-----| |--8-----8----8---8-----8----8------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------|

Which repeats 10 times over the chord progression
The chord progression is a ten bar phrase that goes:
Abm B E Dbm Eb
Now, the melodic line that happens when the lyrics come in I have not been able to
accurately define, so I can't put that on here.
The slower part with the piano bit still follows the same chord progression, so listen
carefully to get the timing.
Then when the full instrumentation comes back in, the chord progression is also a ten
bar phrase, so it goes:
Abm Gb *Eb Gb E
E Dbm Dbm Eb Eb
*Note: This Eb major chord sounds better if you have it open by tuning down a half-step,
but this tab is in standard tuning.
The high guitar harmony is simply:
|---11---11---11---11---11---11---11---11---| |-------------------------------------------| |-8----8----8----8----8----8----8----8------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------|

Which repeats over the Abm, Gb, and Eb chords
|---12---12---12---12---12---12---12---12---| |-------------------------------------------| |-9----9----9----9----9----9----9----9------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------|

Which repeats over the E and Dbm chords
Anyway, that's all I have so far.
The copyright, I assume, belongs to Yann Tiersen.
Please feel free to correct any mistakes or add any parts that I missed.
Any comments, corrections, or questions you can send to


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