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Take Three - Where Does God Live

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      3/4 time
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[Verse 1]
    Dm                  Em
One day a young boy sat upon Daddy's knee
    C                       Dm           Am   Dm
If you could be God, Daddy, where would  you  be
       Am                     C
In a cloud? In a church? In a boat on the sea?
    Dm       Am     C
Or maybe a sycamore tree - oh?
        Dm             Am        Dm
Do you think you would live in a tree?

[Verse 2]
       Dm                           Em
White clouds would be fine but they never leave heaven
     C                     Dm         Am    Dm
and churches are empty six days out   of    seven
        Am                  C
there's not much to do in a boat on the sea
       Dm              Am       C
and I don't think I'd live in a tree, my son
      Dm              Am        Dm    
No, I don't think I'd live in a tree

[Verse 3]
      Dm                        Em
Then where does God live? Daddy where does He go?
  C                      Dm        Am   Dm 
I do want to find Him, I do want   to   know
       Am                          C
I've looked for Him here and I've looked for Him there
             Dm      Am         C
and I've looked just about everywhere, now
          Dm         Am         Dm
Oh, I've looked just about everywhere

[Verse 4]
     Dm                     Em
Then listen my son, and the truth I will tell
     C                         Dm       Am    Dm
come out with your Daddy, come out to   the   well
     Am                     C
look deep in the water, now what do you see?
Dm       Am       C
Daddy, I only see me, he cried
    Dm       Am       Dm
Why Daddy, I only see me

[Verse 5]
   Dm                     Em
My son you may travel the sea or the sod
    C                           Dm      Am     Dm
and find many things but you'll never   find   God
    Am                        C
for if you will search with a heart that is true
         Dm          Am        C
you will find He is living in you, my son
       Dm          Am        Dm
you'll find He is living in you 


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