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                             Takako Minekawa - Cat House 

Tabbed by:Lovelylight
Album: Cloudy Cloud Calculator

Tuning:F Bb Eb G#  C  F

What a cute little song. enjoy the Engrish!

Meooooowwwww!       Intro       Repeat 2X

B                        Bb   A
well im callin you to my house 
B                              Bb    A
hoo, my house they call it cat house.
B                  Bb    A
My house is in the house.
B                    Bb    A
The master is now sleeping.

E        D  C  B
From now on my secret time,
D    E      D  C  B
what will I do today?
D     E      D  C   B         D   G      F   D
Watch Autumn Tatum O'Neal's movie is now on TV!

B                            Bb    A
Sweet smokey pink and green, white.
B                  Bb    A
My house is piglet color.
B                  Bb    A
My house is in the house.
B                              Bb   A
Hoo, my house they call it cat house

E           D  C    B
From now on secret time.
D     E  D  C    B
Quiet meditation time,
D     E      D  C   B        D   G      F     D
let's listen to the CD "Just for Cat" I got today.

         G#     F               G#     F
Now, I'm looooooking at mirror, stuuuuudying
G#              F              G#             F
how to stare at my master with my round round almond eyes

(with upward glance!).

B                      Bb    A
I usually don't use my nails.
B                           Bb     A
Just hide them 'cause I'm gentle.
B                           Bb   A
No!  No!  I'm painting them red.
B                     Bb    A
They go with my red collar.

E             D    C  B
Still I don't like to take a bath,
D   E    D  C   B
not even bubble bath.
D E         D   C    B      D  G   F    D
I don't eat cat food except my favorite one.

        G#     F                G#     F
Now I'm looooooking into scope, stuuuuudying
G#              F
how to feel the light and color.
G#             F
I'm interested in it now.

B                     G#
I'm a little philosophical.
              B                 G#
I've read "Mille Plateaux" already.
B                 G#                B               G#    Bb
Now I'm trying to read "The Book Of Color" next, tonight (sure!).

B                            Bb     A
Sweet smokey pink and green, white.
My house is piglet color.
Why don't you come to my house?
It's simple and poetic.
It's my dream to make
like Aresky and Fontaine's.
Oh!  Oh!  Master is calling me.
He is awake now, maybe.
Try to go play with him.
I'm a cat and sensitive girl.
Better than a compu-kitty.
La la la la la la la,
meow, meow, meow, meow!


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