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Tab Hunter - Young Love (failed - reindex)

Chord diagram for C
Chord diagram for Am
I posted the intro already, now here is the entire song. With the Am F G thing; the
time it appears in the verse or chorus, the little riff is played; the second time it
the intro riff is played.
e|----------------------------------| B|o--------------------------------o| G|----------------------------------| D|----------------------3----4-5----| A|o-0-2-3-3----2-0----5------------o| E|----------------------------------|

* * * *
* = let ring
C Am
They say for every boy and girl there's just one love in this whole world
D|---------------|-------------| Riff played with 1st Am F G thing: A|-0-2-3-3--2-0--|0-2-3-3-2-0--| E|---------------|-------------|

F G C Am F G*
And I-I-I know I-I-I've found mine
C Am
The heavenly touch of your embrace tells me no one can take your place
F G C Am F G**
E-E-E-E-Ever in my heart
C Am F G C Am F G*
Young love first love filled with true devotion
C Am F G C Am F G**
Young love our love we share with deep emotion
e|-------------------------|---------------------| B|-------------------------|---------------------| G|----5---7-5-4---2-5--2-4-|-0-------------------| D|--5----------------------|---2-----------------| A|-------------------------|----3-2-0--0-3--2-0--| E|-------------------------|---------------------|

C Am
Just one kiss from your sweet lips will tell me that your love is real
F G C Am F G*
And I-I-I can feel that it's true
C Am
We will vow to one another there'll never be any other
F G C Am F G**
Love for you or for me
*This is played every 1st Am F G in the verses and chorus:
D|---------------|-------------| A|-0-2-3-3--2-0--|0-2-3-3-2-0--| E|---------------|-------------|

**Play intro riff with these AM F G things.


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