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I've notaced a lot of people asking for this tab, and since I can't find another on the
I worked it out myself.
***************Ozar Midrashim****************
Standard tuning
~ slide to
h hammer on/ off
This is the main riff, it plays once at the start and then at random points in the song.
you can see Slack plays it differently than InSoc.
E------------------|------------------| B------------------|------------------| G------------------|------------------| (Original) D---4---7---6---9--|---6---9---7---5--| A---4---7---6---9--|---6---9---7---5--| E---2---5---4---7--|---4---7---6---3--|

F#m A G# B G#m B A# G
------------------| ------------------| ------------------| (Slack) ---4---7---6---3--| ---4---7---6---3--| ---2---5---4---1--|

F#m A G# F
After that just relentlessly hammer out that F#m. Every 2 bars change to D, (yes, it
odd in standard tuning, but hey.) and then back every other 4 bars.
Here is whr thee solo starts, I have just tabbed the basic one from the Information
version, but from this it's pretty easy to work out Slack's version.Uderneath are the
played during the solo.
E-------------|---------|---------|------------| B-------------|---------|---------|------------| G-18----18-19-|18-16-h18|-18----18|-16-~14-h16-| D----16-------|---------|----16---|------------| line one A-------------|---------|---------|------------| E-------------|---------|---------|------------|

F#m D F#m E
|----------|--------------------| |----------|22-21-22-19-22-19-21| |~18----18-|--------------------| |----16----|--------------------| line two |----------|--------------------| |----------|--------------------|

F#m D E
------|------|------------|----------19-17-16-17-14-| -22-~7|-22-~7|-19-21-22-19|-22-22-19----------------| ------|------|------------|-------------------------| line one, line two then ------|------|------------|-------------------------| ------|------|------------|-------------------------| ------|------|------------|-------------------------|

C# C# A C# A C# G# A F
Sorry if it's a tad confusing, but I hope it helps.


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