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Indigenous - You Were the One

Chord diagram for E7
Chord diagram for G
Chord diagram for Fm7
Author/Artist: Indigenous
Title: You Were The One
Album: Circle
Transcribed by: Paul Smith
The album version is tuned to standard E, but on most live versions I've
heard Mato plays it in standard dropped down 1/2 a step, ala SRV. Mato
uses a Standard Strat with mild overdrive. Like Jimmy Page, people seem
to think that Mato uses more distortion and overdrive than he actually
does - Page's tones weren't all that raunchy if you really listen to them,
with the exception of some of his live stuff. Same goes for Mato.
I used a Boss OD-3 Overdrive unit, with the volume at about 9 1/2 o'clock,
tone around 10 o'clock, and drive about 2 1/2 o'clock; I used my the
middle/neck pickup plugged into a Fender Princeton 112+ and it all seemed
to emulate Mato's tone very well.
Since I don't have my guitar in front of me, I can't remember exactly how
to play the very beginning, so I'll just tab the main riff.
It goes a little something like this...
e = |------------------------------------------------------------------------= B = |-----------------------------------------3--3---2-----------------------= G = |------7-x--7-----------------------------4--4---2-----------------------= D = |------6-x--6-----------------------------5--5---2-----------------------= A = |------7-x--7-----------7-p-5-------------5--5---4-----------7-h-5-------= E = |--0-------------5-h-7----------3^4--0-----------2-----5-h-7--------3^4--=

~ ~
E7 G Fm7
Or sometimes Mato'll play this after the Fm7 chord:
e |---------------------------| B |---------------------------| G |--2-h-3-p-2-p-0------------| D |-----------------2-p-0-----| A |---------------------------| E |------------------------0--|

Then the chorus is just B, A, E
e |---------------| B |-------2----0--| G |--4----2----1--| D |--4----2----2--| A |--2----0----2--| E |------------0--|

~ Let ring
/ slide
h Hammer-on
p pull-off
x mute string
^ bend
I'm not too sure about that Fm7 chord - it just doesn't sound exact when
I listen to the song, so if you've found exactly what that chord is, email
me and tell me. I know that he plays it around the 2nd fret like that, I
just haven't found the right combination of notes for that chord. The
rest is pretty accurate, aside from some other little licks Mato throws
in there.
If you can't dig the blues, you've got a hole in your soul


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