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Indcent - Drunk On Your Love

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      InDCent, Drunk On Your Love.
Tabbed by Michael Dowd,
Drunk On Your Love

By InDCent

A fun 80's rock ballad-type song. This is always a good one to pull out during a bar gig. One or two people end up knowing the song. Others learn the chorus quickly and sing along.

The song is picked arpeggio-esque for the verses, the chorus is strummed. I have on good authority that the guitarist uses a pick for both.

Intro G D C9 (picked)
(Verse 1)
G                             D
I woke up this morning with a pain in my head
   C9                              G
My mouth was full of cotton and my eyes were all dry and red.
I was out pretty late last night 
and I think I may have had too much
But when I’m drinking you I loose control and get really out of touch.

(Verse 2)
I went to get some water and take a couple of pills
       C9                                            G
Then I remembered something you said last night and I nearly got the chills
And everytime I vomit I think about you all over again

(begin strumming)
And I wonder how much I could take right now, 
If I didn’t have so much then. When

      G   D         C9
I got Drunk on your love
      G   D         C9
I got Drunk on your love
    G                 D C9                   
You force fed me your love, 
And I didn’t put up much of a fight,
          G             D         C9              
And I got drunk on your love last night.

(Verse 3)(return to picking, like V2)

When I’m feeling better I will hold your hand in mine
But don’t ask me to say the alphabet
Or walk in a straight line.
Just thinking about it right now, 
I think I’m gonna be sick
Bring me the hair of the dog that is your love, 
And bring it to me quick. ‘Cause

Chorus 2X

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