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Inbound Legacy - Revolution Inbound

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Dm                 Bb   C
Hey You, you there... I know you are sad
Dm                              Bb   C
You see the worst, feel the last…you can’t go back

A       Bb              G               Dm
You…waste your time and hurt yourself

Dm                                  Bb   C
Hey you, what do you think: can they trample all
Dm                                  Bb   C
Wake up… from your dreams, you’re buried of fake gold

A       Bb              G             Dm
I’ll tell you: man…. stop this rest

A          Bb                   Dm
The Revolution has got you enough
A          Bb                   Dm
Revolution  has got  your  fault
A          Bb                   Dm
Revolution is your only way to be observed

A       Bb              G                               Dm
Throw your weapons  and call all, get out from your stealth
A       Bb              G                             Dm
Let your weapons fall,  and get out from your stealth

A       Bb              G           Dm
Revolution inbound in your chest!
A       Bb              G                               
Dmdont engage war from these filthy crows
A       Bb              G                            Dm
take the distance from this millennial  fault: war



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