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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:04 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers <>
Subject: ./i/impressions/fool_for_you.crd

                             "Fool For You"
                           (Curtis Mayfield)

Note from AWR: Curtis Mayfield played guitar in an open F# tuning (low to
(high: F#-A#-C#-F#-A#-F# - basically the open-position G chord, down A
semitone) but this is one of the few Impressions songs actually in F#
(cf. "Meeting Over Yonder"); they usually favored the related keys of
C# or B.  Oh, yes, the time signature is 9/8.


	(3 drumbeats)

	horns [4X]:

	F#     E      B
	/ / /  / / /  / / /

Verse 1 (guitar plays octave F# throughout):

	F#      E      B
	Never liked nobody
	F#           E         B
	That's been mean to me
	F#           E             B
	I've got a heart full of stone
	F#     E           B
	And I hate the misery
	F#    E         B
	Then you came along
	F#          E      B
	   Into my life
	F#   E         B
	Destroying my mind
	                 F#         E      B
	Mounting up the toil and strife


	           B           D#m/A#
	But I'm a fool for you
	I'm a fool for you
	           B           D#m/A#
	But I'm a fool for you
	I'm a fool for you

Post-chorus 1:

	E/B B
	      Guess I'll always be
	D/A A
	      And I claim it famously
	              F#           E  B   F#  E  B
	'Cause I'm a fool for you

Verse 2:

	It's a doggone shame
	Knowin' you don't love me
	You go on and use me
	So continuously
	I don't know why
	I love you like I do
	When you're breaking my heart
	And you know it's true

[repeat chorus]

Post-chorus 2:

	Doggin' me every day
	But child, I'm here to stay
	'Cause I'm a fool for you

Horn break [2X]:

	/ / /  / / /  / / /

	/ / /  / / /  / / /


	          (B)         F#   E   B
	You don't want me to stay
	           F#           E
	But I'm a fool for you
	        B             F#   E
	Do me wrong now every day
	  B           F#          E
	Child, I'm a fool for you
        B        F#   E   B
	       F#          E   B
	I'm a fool for you  [fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers


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