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F       C      G      G (2x)

                 F     C                           G           G
The sound of the rain, pounding, to the beat of my heart.
             F                  C                       G         G
I’m drifting away. Sometimes it seems so easy, but it’s not.

F                  C
How can I undo the wrong?
How can I go back in time?
How can I make it alright again?

F                         C
How can I prove there’s a change?
Show who I am?
How I have learned from my mistakes.

      F             C            G        G
I’m a better man.
      F             C            G        G
I’m a better man.

                       F           C                       G              G
You left many words unspoken, when you, turned around and gave up.
                      F                C                       G           G
And my heart is still broken, I wish I could believe, but it’s hard.

F                C
You can undo the wrong.
You can go back in time.
And try to make it alright again.

F                       C
You can prove there’s a change.
You’re not the same like back then.
But have you learned from your mistakes?
          F                  C             G             G
Are you a better man?
          F                  C             G             G
Are you a better man?

Em           F
Look at us now.
            Am     G             Em          F
Face to face, trying to figure out how.
                    Am                  G
Are we on the same page, now?

F       C        G       G (2X)

            F            C           G
Cause I'm a better man.



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