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Imagine This - Fields of Your Life

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Fields of Your Life
by: Imagine This
CD: Love
written by: Daryl Youngblood and Robert Beeson
copyright: (c)1995 BridgeBuilding Music(BMI)

Capo 4th fret.
Intro (on the keyboard): G
Am Em F G Am G
When I see Your face within my dreams, I wish that I could be forever in my
Am Em F Am G F Em
When I wake, another rainy day is more than I can take, then I hear You say,
Am G Em A7 F
Run through the fields of your life, I'll never leave your side
C Am Em
Just keep your hand in Mine
Am G Em A7 F
Run through the fields of your life, and in the end you'll find
C G Em
I was with you all the time
Verse 2 is the same as the 1st verse.
F Am G F Am G F
I know You're with me everyday, and You're just a breath away
Am G F G
I need Your strenght in me today, Ooo I need You


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