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      Standard Tuning, no capo :)


D A Bm G6

      D                   A            Bm      G6
I did everything that you asked me and more
            D                 A                    Bm     G6
Went to the Moon and back all you went Was out the door 
          D             A              Bm      G6
Know that I lived up to my side of the deal 
             D                 A              Bm      G6
But I have a heart of gold but not a heart of steel 
      Bm                     A             G       G6
And I waited on you with the patience oh a saint 
         Bm                   A                    G     G6
So don't think I'm walking on air when I'm walking away


           G   A
You should know
         D                    Bm
That I'm hurting too, I ain't bulletproof
G     A
        D            Bm
Torn up saying hi to your goodbye 
G                     A                   D                    Bm
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your worlds break my heart 
           G                     G6
I'm not as strong as you think I am, I'm no superman 

D A Bm G6

        D               A               Bm       G6
You say I'll have girls lining down the street 
         D                     A                    Bm    G6
Don't be sad we split, there's a lot of fish in the sea 
          D            A               Bm     G6
Think I'm moving on so soon, I'm doing fine
           D           A                             Bm     G6
But I cant forget your face just yet like you forgot mine
        Bm                    A                G     G6
Love is blind but you're long gone so cant you see
        Bm                 A              G    G6
I'm not invicible like you made me out to be


         Bm            A
They say letting go is tough
            G                G6
But holding on hurts just as much
        Bm                  A               G
Think I can't feel pain but I fell hard for you
Did you forget that that I'm human too


D A Bm G6 [x2]


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