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김경희 - Goblin - And Im Here

Chord diagram for C
Chord diagram for Am
Chord diagram for F
Chord diagram for Gsus4
Chord diagram for G
C Am F C Gsus4 G

[Verse 1]
    C        F
And I’m here just
                    C   Gsus4 G
Just like I used to be, mm
        Am      F
We were here in old days
With you
     F G
With me
       C          F
All my fears have gone
                    C   Gsus4 G 
When you whisper to me, mm
No matter how
F           C     F       Gsus4 G
Near or far apart, apart, mm

         C       Am  G
When you feel so lonely (Have you completely erased me)
        F   G  C
I’ll be here to shelter you (From your memories from yours)
         C       Am  G
When you feel so lonely (While I still feel your breeze)
        F    G         C
I’ll be here, here for you (Holding your hands again, holding your hands)
F G Am
Oh, oh

         F             Gsus4  G
If I can fly above the clouds 
Like all the birds 
            F        Gsus4 G
And I could hold you for a while
To let you feel my pulse
 F          Gsus4     G
Still here, all alone
My whole life
    G      Am
And all my heart
You’re my whole life
    G      C
And all my heart

Am F C Gsus4 G

        C    F
And I’m here home, home 
     C       G F
With you, mm
With me


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