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Chord diagram for Abm
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by Earthsuit
Album: Kaleidoscope Superior
Written by: Paul Meany, Adam LaClave & Roy Mitchell
(c)2000 Birdwing Music/ASCAP/Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing
Submitted by: Cody Pitre,
more tab at:
Intro: Abm Ebm7 (8x)
Verse 1:
(Abm Ebm7 Abm) x4
Pre-chorus:(see below for pre-chorus riff)
(Abm Gb Ebm Db) x2
Chorus:(play power chords)
(Abm Gb Db) x4
(Abm G) x3
In our sky
1st Time:
Abm Ebm7 Abm Ebm7
2nd Time:(play pre-chorus riff)
Verse 2:(same as verse 1)
Abm Ebm7 (4x)
Interlude:(drums start)
Play chords to verse 1
Repeat chorus
Play pre-chorus riff
Repeat pre-chorus
Repeat chorus
Pre-chorus Riff:
Abm Gb Ebm Db
e----------------------------- b-----/9---------------------- g-----------9/11---\8---\6---- d----------------------------- A----------------------------- E-----------------------------

(/ and \ mean slide)


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