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      Eamon Friel - Farewell Mayo

D    G  A  D

[Verse 1]
                             G            D   A    G  A
When the schools got out for summer I got started
       D            G      A       D
On the long awaited journey to the west
      G            D               Em        A
I was feeling so excited and light hearted
      D               G    A             D
I was heading for the place that I loved best

[Verse 2]
                         G A         D    A  G  A
And the bus said "Sligo" on the destination
   D                      G  A          D
On down through Barnsmore Gap and Ballintra
         G           D            Em        A
Then you got another bus at Sligo station
            D             G    A         D
And the Freestate writing spelt out Ballina

        Am                G
At Enniscrone the broad Atlantic
               D      G      A
Meant that you hadn't far to go
             Dm             C
And when you saw the top of Nephin
               G            A7
You knew you'd landed in Mayo
N.C.         D   G  A  D
God bless Mayo

[Verse 3]
                            G   A             D  A   G  A
Friendly hands to take your hand and say he's bigger
      D                 G   A            D
Hefty arms to hoist you high and hug you hard
         G                   D           Em     A
Take the road through Crossmolina to the river
        D                  G   A        D
And the sideroad takes you back to Garranard

           Am          G
And I knew every windy corner
       D      G        A
Of the little fields below
          Dm             C
And every ripple of that river
           G                   A7
'Cross the stepping stones I'd go
N.C.        D   G  A  D
There in Mayo

[Verse 4]
                        G    A             D    A   G  A
When the day came to go back, my heart was bleeding
       D                  G       A            D
With a grief that seems relentless when you're small
         G                  D                 Em     A
They say every child should have his share of Eden
      D                G   A        D
But a city child needs Eden most of all

            Am                   G
Back to the darkening streets of Derry
       D      G       A
Broken hearted I must go
             Dm                C
Far from the splendour and the silence
        G            A7
And the wonder of Mayo
N.C.        D   G  A  D
Farewell Mayo


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