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D   F#m   E   D   F#m   E

D                          F#m        E 
And I know that there are miles in between where we both are
D                       F#m                       E 
But in my memories and dreams just know, you?re never very far
D                              F#m                 E 
Don?t be upset we?ll both be home soon and we?ll hold each other close
D                           F#m                 E 
We?ll stay up late so I can tell you all the secrets no one knows
D                                       D                                    E
It?s time to go to sleep now, Love     You?re the one that I?ll be dreaming of

D               A         E             F#m
And all these miles and states can?t separate us both forever
D                A              E                          F#m
And I?ll keep praying for the day when we can simply be together
D      A               E              F#m
Until then I?m holding on for you and you alone tonight
D            A                 E                  F#m
Wishing that I could just be close and catch the tears you shouldn?t cry
D        F#m              E                    D  F#m   E
         I?ll catch the tears you should not cry

D                         F#m             E 
I hold this photograph of us that I have seen so many times
D                             F#m             E 
And I just can?t believe that you would ever let me call you mine
D                            F#m             E 
I don?t deserve you and I?m pretty sure you know it in your heart
D                   F#m                E 
But if I ever feel alone I know just right where you are
D                            F#m        E 
There is nothing that could keep me from covering this distance
D                  F#m              E 
Hand in hand we run, so naive in finding out what this is
D                     F#m             E 
Beautiful could never have a single thing on you
D                            F#m            E 
Just like the angel that you are, I could never live without you


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