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F#m D F#m D


F#m                        D                  F#m              D
You’d think that I would learn to hold my tongue once and for all.
F#m                D                          F#m                     D
But I’m growing old and still running off my mouth like I can’t get enough.
E              F#m           D
But save your mercy for the lost.
E               F#m            D
I don’t have time for these regrets.
    E                F#m            D
And don’t you dare remind me of the cost 
E               F#m             D
‘cause how the hell could I forget?

F#m D F#m D

F#m              D                    F#m                         D
And I’ve gotten good at pulling people in and pushing everyone away.
F#m             D                       F#m                               D
I’ve shouted words and said hateful things that no one decent should say.
E           F#m              D
But save forgiveness for the weak.
E            F#m            D
I’ve made it this far on my own.
E             F#m             D
And I’m not the man of your dreams
E                   F#m            D
but more like the sinner that you stone.

F#m E D E 


F#m          E                      D
God only knows the darker side of me.
                  E                       F#m
The pieces of my heart I don’t want you to see.
               E                      D
And heaven forbid you find out who I am
                       E                          F#m
‘cause if you knew the truth I’m terrified you’ll leave.
              E                  D
I’ve got to change or I’ll die alone.
               E                                 F#m
And I don’t deserve all the grace that you’ve displayed.
                      E                                D
I’ll nail you to the cross again ‘cause once was not enough.
                       E                   F#m
My sinful heart feels way too gone now to ever be saved.


D E C#sus2 F#m x4


E          F#m                D
So keep me close to where you are
E            F#m                D
‘cause God knows I’m prone to stray.
E            F#m             D
And write my name upon your heart
E                 F#m         D
and swear you’ll always keep me safe.


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