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      From the incredible musical, "The Unfortunates"

Em B7

Barkeep, barkeep, gimme another shot of that Old Crow

Em         B7             Em
Tell you a story about my friend Big Joe

           Em      B7        Em
Said I was down in Old Joe's barroom

Em         B7      Em
Right there in the square

             Em    B7           Em
Well all the usual suspects was assembled

Em      B7          Em
Big Joe Mckinny was there

         Em           B7         Em
He said "Boys I wanna tell you a story"

    Em            G         B7
His eyes were all bloodshot red

        Em               B7         Am                
Well he leaned down real low and he told me

Em             B7       Em
These were the words he said

        Em      B7            Em
"I went down to Saint James Infirmary

Em         B7   Em
I heard my baby groan

        Em                 B7         Em
She was stretched out on a long white table

    Em         B7      Em
She used to be my very own

           Em          B7      Em
Oh let her go, let her go, god bless her

Em       G       B7
Wherever she may be

        Em          B7         Am      
She can search that wide world over

          Em           B7              Em
She won't never find a meaner man than me"

       Em  B7                  Em
When I die bury me in straight lace shoes

      Em       B7             Em
A box-back coat and a Stetson hat
          Em            B7               Em
And put a twenty dollar gold chain on my daddy's old watch

         Em          B7            Em
So those boys know I died standing pat

            Em       B7                Em
And give me six crap-shooters for pall-bearers

Em           G              B7
Let a chorus girl sing me a song

      Em      B7        Am
Put a red hot jazz band on my funeral march

      Em      B7     Em
Raise hell as I roll along

Em            B7       Em
Roll out your old-time carriage

      Em            B7       Em
I say roll out your old-time hat

           Em               B7          Em
Oh there's twelve men going down to the graveyard

    Em        B7      Em
And eleven are coming back

         Em        B7         Em
Well Big Joe, he's one mighty box man

        Em              G        B7
But the plague took the woman he loved

        Em            B7      Am
Like it took old King Jesse before her

      Em             B7              Em
It'll come take your soul 'fore it's done

Em         B7      Em
Now that I told my story

Em           B7      Em
Pour another shot of booze

       Em            B7   Em
And if anyone should ever ask me, yeah yeah

           Em                B7        Em
Well I got those Saint James Infirmary Blues, yeah yeah

Em B7   Em
I  went down

Em G    B7
I  went down

Em B7   Am
I  went down

Em B7   Em
I  went down


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