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1476 - The Demons In The Circle

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      C                                                                  F
I wonder what's been going on with you since our lives got rearranged
C                                                                        F
And I know you fear and question things but, baby, it's not all that strange
G                            Dm                       Am
You might grab your crucifix and pray and pray and pray
G                                      Dm                  C     F
But we'll all haunt our old addictions by the end of the day
I know I sometimes smoke a lot and drink too much but my spirit's never 
C                                                                          F
And everything that's ever happened, good or bad, has brought me to this day
G                      Dm                  Am  
And I know I sometimes stumble along the way
G                         Dm                               C     F
But the fire in my heart has always kept the monsters at bay
Am                       C
We all come back to the places we know
  Am                 C
You can't run from your only home
G                          Dm                     Am
And, for all I've seen, this is the only home I know
G                           Dm                      C
And, for all I've seen, this is the only home I know


C                                                                        F
I drove up the hill so many times to see the sea that lies beyond the way
C                                                                          F
And after all these years of living here I've finally come to love the grey
G                        Dm                       Am   
But a feeling of anxiety surrounds me in this place
G                                   Dm                          C        F
Because I've got so much left to do before I can rest in this place
C                                                           F
So I stare into this ocean's blue; as cold as a goddess' eyes
And I close my eyes and breathe the air knowing that I'll have to bide my
G                                   Dm                 Am
And know that I'll come back to the place I love someday
G                             Dm                C         F
When all is said and done and nothing's in my way

Am G Dm Am G Dm Am G Dm Am G Dm C



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