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10cc - Baron Samedi

Chord diagram for Am
Chord diagram for F
Chord diagram for Dm
Chord diagram for Bb
Chord diagram for Bdim
Chord diagram for D
Chord diagram for Bm
Chord diagram for E
Chord diagram for Dbm
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Chord diagram for A
Chord diagram for Asus4
Chord diagram for Dsus4
Chord diagram for Esus4
Chord diagram for Gm
      Baron Samedi


a good 1st position Bdim chord is: [XX3434]

                             Am    F      Dm     Bb     Bdim 
[notes implied between chords:    g      e      c      a    Bdim slides 3-6-9-12fret ]

I'll show you man who walk on fire And don't get burned

Don't get burned, don't get burned He don't get burned

I'll show you man who tread on glass And he don't get cut
                         D   Bm           E    C#m  F#m   C#m  F#m
Don't get cut, don't get cut He don't get cut
You can take a knife and slit his throat And he won't drop dead
Won't drop dead, won't drop dead He won't drop dead

Been a ju-ju boy for a thousand years And he ain't cut yet
                         D   Bm           E     C#m F#m C#m F#m C#m F#m C#m F#m
Ain't cut yet, ain't cut yet He ain't cut yet

A      Asus4 A
Hold em
                            D      Dsus4 D
You've got to crease em and fold em
                           E       Esus4 E
You've got to shape em and mould em
Take a piece of their soul man
Well he can take a little moonlight
Suck the poison from a snakebite
                  Bm      Dm
Movin round about midnight
He's got the power of life

See the sacrifice of the virgin women

See the deadly snake and the headless chicken
Take a sip from dripping red
Bm               E          C#m F#m C#m F#m C#m F#m C#m F#m
Make it with the living dead ...................

Dm Gm Dm Gm Dm Gm Dm Gm

Take you up when you feeling down
When you're sick he will come around
Dm                   Bdim          Am
Takes his cures from out the ground
He's the one who can hypnotize
And you'll never believe your eyes
Dm               Bdim        Am
He can cause the dead to rise

Am        F        Dm    Bdim   Am
[play solo sequence x3  ..........]

Am        F        Dm   Bdim                                          Am
                        [slide up on Bdim 3-6-9-12fret(x3)  - end on Am]



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