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Chord diagram for G
Chord diagram for C6
Ben and Robin Pasley
Off the Enter the Worship Circle Cd
Gno3 : 3x0033
D : xx0232
Em7 : 022033
Cadd9: x32033
G : 320003
C6 : x32003
Gno3 D Em7 Cadd9 Gno3
Praise the Lord, Oh my soul, and all my deepest parts
D Em7 Cadd9 Gno3 D Em7 Cadd9
Give praise to the One Who pulled you out of darkness
G C6 G C6
Tender mercy, You forgive me, Slow to anger, Quick to love
Counter(if you don’t have a second vocal you can just play it after the chorus)
G C6
As high as the mountains try
G C6
Your love falls all around me
G C6
As wide as the east to west
G C6
My sins are taken from me
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