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"Austin Song" by 100 Portraits
From "Five Wise Virgins"
Words and music by Ben and Robin Pasley
Copyright 1997 Blue Renaissance Music
Transcribed by
022100 E
320033 G
x00232 D
x00230 D2
2x0033 /F#
x30033 C2
x20033 /B
x00233 D4
x35500 Cmaj7
x24400 B4
INTRO: E . . . E . . . E . . . G . . . D . D2 . D . G /F#
E G D(2)
conversation pouring over my lips
C2 G /F#
black coffee drip drip
E G D(2)
i've been quoting someone you've never read
C2 /B
am i over your head
C2 D(4)
i would feel better if i understood me
C2 D(4)
what did i say oh i can't remember
E D2 G /F#
all that we've (he/she) said falls with a clatter
E D2 Cmaj7 B4
by the black silhouette of the dark twisted chatter
E D2 G /F#
of poets and cynics girl taking orders
E D2 Cmaj7 D2
who never can find her pen
(looks a lot like my sister/
has a strange tatoo on the back of her neck)
contemplation swirling around my head
lock ticking tick tick
you tell me what nietzsche said
as he rolled out of bed god must be dead
if pain was the problem what was the answer
pray for a rescue or swear at the heavens
inspiration moves her onto the stage
microphone check check
she reads her thoughts from a ragged red book
turning blue in the face
i glance at the book i stare at the binding
i'm lost in the thread that is slowly unwinding
Transcribed 8/13/2000 by
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