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Questions, comments, changes:
There were no chords for this so I decided I'd post my own. Pretty sure these are right. Enjoy!
(Note: i excluded a lot of the last [Instrumental] bar because it's the same chords with 
a few alterations when
the solo comes in. I'm not very good at tabbing solos, but maybe now that the chords are 
here, someone will add
[Intro] Bb, Eb, Gm, F (x2)
Bb                                       Eb
You can be Whatever you want When you're high
Gm                                F
Walk slowly With a spirit by your side
          Bb                          Eb
(Oh baby) Don't fear if you lose your mind
Gm                                    F
Say “How you doin' boy?” “I'm feelin' fine”
... when somethin' carries me away... hey hey hey hey...
[Instrumental] Bb, Eb, Gm, F (x2)
[Verse 1]
Bb                                                    Eb
Don't think Just take a ride Don't believe That Jesus lied
Gm                                 F
To keep us all so satisfied With a sale You should know baby
Bb                           Eb
Don't feel The thorny nights Never ask For holy rites
Gm                                    F
Don't ya think That God has died This time
And don't stop Takin' these drugs cuz' they
Got you flyin' forgettin' yesterday
Bb                                                 Eb
Maybe it's crazy but keep gettin' stoned while you can
Baby in the lord's hands
[Verse 2]
Bb                              Eb
Don't say You know what's right Don't take Those alibis
Gm                                     F
Don't hate The other side When they're right Sure they are baby
Bb                           Eb
Don't wave Your flag up high Don't praise Your concubines
Gm                              F
Did you just Fall for lies This time


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